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The 21st will be the century of threats that we never thought were possible.

Five years ago, we asked around a hundred people at an insurance conference whether it felt like history was getting 'faster': every hand in the room went up. As society becomes more complex and interconnected, the stakes get higher and adversaries find new ways of achieving their aims.

We have a singular, obsessive focus to help organisations get ready for this new future - and to tip the balance from threat to opportunity.

We collect and analyse intelligence to support our clients in making sensitive & important decisions.
We advise clients on what they need to do to protect themselves, and then help them implement it.
We work to respond and investigate when things go wrong, regardless of how difficult or dangerous it is.
Case Study
Threat and risk assessment for a multinational in a conflict zone
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Case Study
Intelligence provision for a global hospitality firm
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Case Study
Intelligence collection on the Syrian regime
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Case Study
Crisis plan development for a global bank
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Case Study
Crisis and security     assessment for a UN agency
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Case Study
Reverse due diligence for a political candidate
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Case Study
Criminal investigation within a luxury retailer
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Case Study
Covert operation against a UK organised crime group
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Case Study
Urgent crisis management     following escalations between the US and Iran
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We hire fearless and relentless people who are empowered to use experience and data.

We bring together talented consultants with a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets and give them the best technology, data and training that we can afford. We do this to keep up with the megatrends that will influence how organisations are attacked in the future, from cryptocurrency to climate change.

Most importantly, we build our team and shape our company culture to be easy to work with and to understand the difficult decisions our clients have to make every single day.

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We work with lawyers and (re)insurers to provide risk and investigations advisory.

We work closely with insurers and lawyers to develop even more extensive capabilities to protect what senior leaders have worked so hard to build. We help lawyers with responding to criminality, disputes and civil litigation through robust investigation to help them show their clients that they made the right choice.

We also work with brokers and underwriters to better understand a risk before it's transferred to markets; model exposures across a portfolio, and respond to claims that involve wider crises.

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We can help you...

Collect sensitive information

Our regional and subject-matter specialists stay ahead of the curve on monitoring and understanding trends, developments, and potential escalations in existing and emerging security threats that might impact our clients across a broad swath of industries globally, turning information into actionable intelligence.

We achieve this through all-source data aggregation and analysis – bringing together multi-lingual open and closed source threat intelligence, social and other media analytics using industry-leading monitoring tools, on-the-ground human intelligence in collaboration with our carefully selected and vetted source networks and partners, satellite imagery, and other state of the art surveillance technologies.

Increase security and resilience

We work in close partnership with our clients to enhance their security posture and resilience to an array of potential threats, as well as to prepare them for in the event something does go wrong. And we do this through offering fully bespoke services agreed in collaboration with you, thus providing only pragmatic and actionable advice and recommendations.

This includes: tailored threat and risk assessments; benchmarking and gap analysis; plan and policy review and development; bespoke training and workshops; residential, office, and operational site security reviews; executive lifestyle reviews; penetration testing of private residences and offices spaces; and pre-employment due diligence, among other services. We also strive to excel in thought leadership, releasing topical blogs, case studies, and white papers to share knowledge and raise awareness among existing and new clients.

Enter difficult markets

Many of our clients are looking to enter new and frequently challenging markets, and we recognise the importance of understanding the market landscape and wider threat environment in informing this decision-making process. We provide reassurance through fostering understanding of the local environment at agranular level.

The areas in which we can offer dedicated support include: industry-specific market landscape assessments using our extensive source networks and partners on the ground; local, regional, and country-level threat and risk assessments; advice on office, operational, and executive residence locations; route assessments and journey management plans; and due diligence on potential partner organisations.

Work securely overseas

Travel risk management is coming increasingly to the forefront of organisations’ minds, particularly in the wake of the new international standard ISO 31030(2021); traveller security is no longer a consideration limited to companies or staff going to remote or extreme risk destinations, but must be considered by all organisations and for all travellers to safeguard their people and reputations.

Travel security advisory can include: bespoke pre-trip assessments including ‘Go / No go’ advice or more comprehensive threat and risk assessments; travel security awareness briefings and relocation or trip-specific briefings; tailored journey management plans; e-learning courses; and ongoing security support during travel such as media monitoring and intelligence updates.

Respond to a crisis

In the heat of the moment, we provide our clients with pragmatic, actionable advice and support to aid their decision-making and resource allocation, and to bring incidents and crises to a successful close.

Whether it be avoiding injury and harm to people or assets, obtaining the release of detained staff, executing local or country-level evacuations, halting the leak of personal data or intellectual property, or navigating the media to avoid reputational catastrophe, we are on hand 24/7/365 – either remotely or in person – to provide time critical information, intelligence updates, strategic and tactical advice, and third-party liaison.

Respond to a crime

We are frequently the first port of call for direct clients and law firms in the immediate aftermath of a crime. Comprised of former specialist law enforcement officers and intelligence professionals, our team uses a range of methodologies to carry out both proactive and reactive investigations in order to bring cases to a successful close, be that tracing and recovering stolen funds, supporting asset and wealth freezing orders, or identifying organised criminal groups and their activities in the physical or online space.

Across cases of fraud, financial cybercrime including crypto-crime, labour exploitation, and other forms of major organised crime, we offer enhanced due diligence and asset tracing, overt and covert desktop and on-the-ground research, covert surveillance, and taking victim and witness statements. Ensuring we capture and maintain the integrity of critical evidence, we produce evidential bundles to the highest standards required by the UK criminal justice system in support of private prosecutions or to guide further investigation.

Understand exposure to underwritten risks

We know that the value of understanding the exposure of a potential risk in the insurance space cannot be underestimated. As such, we use our unique insight into how and where vulnerabilities are being exploited across physical, technical, procedural, and cyber security to help underwriters assess the preparedness of individual risks ahead of insurance placement.

Through offering in-depth assessments of potential risk scenarios and existing mitigation measures across a range of markets – notably including cybersecurity and the Directors and Officers sphere – we work closely with brokers and underwriters, as well as the companies themselves, to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

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