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Collect sensitive information

Identifying and contextualising intelligence from digital, human, and first-hand sources - some of which may be sensitive or inaccessible - in order to support critical business decisions.

Collecting sensitive information can be crucial for businesses to make informed decisions.

This can range from buying companies, to monitoring for threats, to trying to uncover wrongdoing. It can be difficult for senior leadership to navigate these processes when they need to collect intelligence to support their decisions.

Our regional and subject-matter specialists are on hand to help you stay ahead of the curve, by monitoring and understanding trends and potential escalations in existing and emerging security threats, that might impact clients locally and globally. We turn information into actionable intelligence.

We achieve this through all-source data aggregation and analysis – bringing together multi-lingual open and closed source threat intelligence, social media analytics, on-the-ground human intelligence, satellite imagery, and other state of the art surveillance technologies.

Active Threat Monitoring

Our intelligence team regularly work on cases where every second counts.

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Our team routinely develops and deploys tools to actively monitor the threat landscape for a client, whether this be a specific threat actor planning to target them or geopolitical developments that can impact their operations. This includes monitoring from open and closed source platforms and media.

As part of our intelligence offering, we monitor geopolitical events. For the creation of a crisis and continuity plan servicing a large multinational in Southeast Asia, our threat intelligence team mapped out potential events that would likely lead to its eventual activation.

We then reviewed and quantified the likely escalation of incidents relating to a range of potentially catastrophic scenarios in the region. This included various conflict and civil war risks, instability, natural disasters, and the emergence of a pandemic.

With the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 strain of coronavirus, this process proved extremely valuable. From the end of December 2019, crisis management teams were able to fully prepare for the arrival of this strain to other parts of the region.

Case Study
Threat monitoring and investigation into a hostile individual fixated on a key stakeholder

"We deploy tools to actively monitor chatter that may be particularly negative or threatening to our clients."

Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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Satellite Imagery Intelligence

Advances in orbital monitoring, and significant expansion of satellite constellations, provide an unparalleled opportunity for the collection of intelligence useful to our clients.

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Intelligence gleaned from satellite imagery provides our clients with a granular, and real-time understanding of the environment they are operating in or interested in, especially if the area is involved in a conflict, protest action, targeted attack, or has been subject to climate change and natural disasters.

As part of this process, we can pull imagery that is several years old to carry out a historic and/or comparative assessment, or even a day old to investigate a recent development.

An example of how we have used satellite imagery to form a comprehensive threat and risk assessment for a client was for an international corporation with sites throughout Ukraine. Many of these sites were situated near the ‘line of contact’, in the Donbas region, where an armed conflict between Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces has continued since April 2014.

Through combining relevant data and historic, as well as recent satellite imagery, our team geolocated the current line of fighting. We then assessed the intent and capability of threat actors to attack client sites and provided this to the client in a highly visual format, including the use of mapping showing attack hotspots and their sites, to aid them in understanding the threat level.

Case Study
Satellite imagery analysis for insurance

"The evolution of microsatellites has meant that many areas of the globe can be imaged multiple times in a single day."

Amber Meadows
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Human Source Intelligence

We spend a huge amount of time and effort developing relationships with sources and source handlers in jurisdictions around the world to go beyond open source intelligence.

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Often desktop research only goes so far when trying to answer a sensitive question; adverse media can be withheld, allegations of corruption not published or hidden, or reporting restrictions observed due to government affiliation. Our team specialise in handling sensitive information from trusted sources and using it as a foundation of intelligence which can be corroborated through other methods.

For ground-truth intelligence, we use local contacts who feed us information for a given area or topic. Our team regularly uses their own contacts or travels extensively to leverage new ones. This intelligence can then inform projects such as threat assessments in Colombia or market entry in South Africa for example.

For more sensitive investigations, we utilise trusted local source handlers to speak to a wide range of individuals that may have knowledge of the topic of interest. We then covertly conduct our enquiries through trained source handlers who are unaware of the end client. Importantly, we always carefully consider the source's relationship with the client to maintain the covert nature of the enquiries.

This independent review enables investigators to cross-reference the source information with other intelligence and produce potentially new lines of enquiry that the source handler can be re-tasked with.

Case Study
Kidnap and security threat intelligence provision for multinational in Mexico

"Developing and maintaining local human source networks around the world is more of an art than a science, and requires continuous commitment and close relationships with handlers."

Lydia Stead
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Threat Intelligence

We use intelligence to identify potential adversaries with malicious motives, and assess their intent and capability.

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The threat intelligence team at AnotherDay provides proactive bespoke intelligence to our clients, rather than bulk commoditised risk information.

Pulling from the team’s expertise and experience this encompasses threats such as terrorism, organised crime, online hostile actors, conflict, and attempts to alert the client to a scenario before it has played out.

It can involve 'horizon scanning', or conducting 'bespoke intelligence requests' on the back of an incident or threat detected against a client or their industry. It also routinely includes the analysis and monitoring of geopolitical developments that could impact client operations.

By staying on top of developments and providing actionable intelligence we act as our clients' ‘rear view mirror’, and feel this approach helps them best protect their assets, locations and people.

Case Study
Real-time intelligence and strategic advisory before and during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

"It can also involve the analysis and monitoring of geopolitical developments that could impact client operations."

Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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