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Build cyber resilience

We work with some of the world’s largest companies and organisations to help them better understand their cyber risk exposure and wider threat environment.

Many organisations today are struggling to keep pace with an ever-shifting cyber security landscape.

We support organisations confronted by a plethora of cyber threats and global systemic risks, providing bespoke and strategic cyber risk consulting that cuts across an array of complex issues and industry sectors.

Organisations today must operate in a cyber security landscape that is forever in flux. This can include the significant challenge of dealing with the pervasive threat of ransomware and increasingly catastrophic and costly data breaches. Or it could simply mean adapting with shifting global laws, regulations and standards that differ internationally.

In many ways, cyber security has become an ever-accelerating arms race to protect critical data, assets, processes, intellectual property and reputation.

The Cyber team

Our consultants help clients to prepare for this new and dynamic reality, from helping them to better understand their overarching cyber risk exposure, and how best to transfer that risk to the insurance market, to testing their response capabilities against credible and realistic scenarios based on the latest threat intelligence.

Through our consulting, clients can better quantify their level of risk and significantly improve their cyber resilience.

Understanding cyber risk exposure

We work closely with clients to build a comprehensive picture of their organisation and its cyber risk exposure, as they seek to manage their cyber risk.


Guided by the latest claims data and the most up to date cyber controls, our comprehensive risk assessment process allows us to piece together a detailed and transparent representation of an organisation’s cyber security posture and approach to risk management – identifying both strengths and weaknesses and where investment is needed.

Supplemented by estimated maximum loss (EML) analysis and risk treatments plans, our outputs often turn into powerful tools for galvanising action across security teams and at a board levels, whilst also creating value and better outcomes for organisations as they seek to invest in risk management or approach the insurance industry for risk transfer.

Cyber threat intelligence

We help clients to better understand their threat exposure and provide detailed analysis on current major cyber threats to their business.


Guided by their business model and current global threat intelligence, we deliver bespoke insights into their threat exposure based on their operational assets, networks and other critical systems and technologies. These insights are then analysed for how identified threats may impact the business and its revenues in the event of an incident.

As part of our threat assessment, we also provide key recommendations on how the organisation can better improve its cyber defences and resilience to such threats, based on the risk posed to the organisation’s most critical systems and operations.

Incident response exercises

We work with clients from across all industry sectors to help them prepare for, and respond to, an array of cyber incidents that may impact their organisation.


Our bespoke cyber incident response exercises expose clients and key stakeholders – including senior stakeholders -  to realistic scenarios based on latest cyber threat intelligence and adversary behaviours. The exercises support organisations looking to understand, test and improve their incident response capabilities, whilst also identifying weaknesses and gaps in order to drive improvements in an organisation’s decision-making and wider security posture.

Report: The Cyber Arms Race

Providing real-world insights on the challenges the cyber security community have faced over the last 12-24 months against the backdrop of an ever-changing cyber insurance market.

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