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Respond to a crisis

Assigning highly experienced consulting and response teams to work with senior stakeholders in boardrooms to manage a crisis, and to deploy on the ground to assist in incident management - even in high risk environments.

The crises facing our clients are becoming more complicated.

With multiple interwoven threads that needs to be considered together for an optimum outcome. They sometimes have crisis communications experts to hand, but often lack the ability to pursue continuous crisis management using best practices and continuously updated, tailored intelligence.

In the heat of the moment, we provide our clients with pragmatic, actionable advice and support to aid their decision-making and resource allocation, and to bring incidents and crises to a successful close.

Whether it be avoiding injury and harm to people or assets, obtaining the release of detained staff, executing local or country-level evacuations, halting the leak of personal data or intellectual property, or navigating the media to avoid reputational damage, we are on hand 24/7/365 – either remotely or in person – to provide time critical information, intelligence updates, strategic and tactical advice, and third-party liaison.

A crisis may not always be avoidable, but an effective response and recovery strategy can set you apart.

Supported by a wealth of experience working closely with top-level decision-makers, we help our clients respond efficiently and effectively to organisational crises ranging from insider threats, kidnapping and piracy, terrorist attacks, political upheaval, and disease outbreaks and epidemics, to cyber-attacks and information security breaches.

Complementing our wider intelligence and consulting services, in the immediate aftermath of an incident or crisis we partner closely with senior leaders, including organisational crisis management teams, to provide support and advice at both the strategic and tactical levels, thus enabling an appropriate response to protect the firm’s people, assets, and reputation under frequently dynamic and uncertain conditions.

Our clients trust us to help them make the best decisions possible in the heat of the moment – this might include:

  • Advising on internal investigations.
  • Supporting the execution of incident and crisis response plans at the strategic and tactical levels, including local or country evacuations where necessary.
  • Undertaking research and providing actionable intelligence to drive enquiries, make decisions and support further investigation.

How we support organisational crisis response

Providing pragmatic advice on actions to be taken, resourcing, and identifying new lines of enquiry in the face of a crisis is often multi-faceted, bringing together a number of critical components to form a comprehensive support framework.

This can include:

Providing tailored advice on the specific handling of sensitive internal issues such as in cases of suspected or known bribery or corruption, as well as conducting due diligence, witness / whistle-blower interviews, and data analysis to support the investigation.

Being ‘in the room’ with crisis management teams following an incident or crisis globally, providing advice on the best courses of action to protect staff, assets, and reputation, stakeholder management, and business continuity, as well as advising on and arranging additional third-party support where required.

Providing time-critical and actionable intelligence updates during an incident – using our subject-matter expertise to support enquiries and help guide proactive decision-making on strategy and response options.

Creating opportunities to utilise our internal technology platforms and big data, as well as subscription services for anything from human source intelligence to satellite imagery, to allow the crisis management team to better understand the incident or crisis and to support broader situational awareness and horizon scanning.

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