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Support to underwriters

A valuable opportunity to better understand a potential risk.

We know that the value of understanding the exposure of a potential risk in the insurance space cannot be underestimated.

Dealing with organisational crises on a daily basis gives us up-to-the-minute insight into how and where vulnerabilities are exploited, be that in the physical, technical, procedural, or cyber security space. We can then utilise this insight to support insurance underwriters across a range of markets to identify potential risk scenarios and assess the preparedness of individual risks against these ahead of insurance placement.

Supported by a wealth of experience working closely with underwriters to successfully reduce losses across their books, we know implicitly the importance of understanding organisations at the granular level, including their risk culture from the top down.

This has the dual benefit of providing the organisations themselves with actionable recommendations to enhance their resilience going forward (and potentially reduce premiums now and in the future), we also develop excellent relationships with risk managers, engendering positive and productive ongoing annual engagement when the risk comes up for renewal.

What support does AnotherDay offer?

To date we have worked with underwriters on a range of policy areas, undertaking risk assessments across a broad selection of potential risks in multiple industries and jurisdictions globally. These include:

  • Cyber insurance risk assessments for aviation, technology (including medical), e-commerce, financial, imaging and electronics, infrastructure services and engineering, food manufacturing, and housing / construction organisations in the US, UK, Europe and Israel.
  • Directors and Officers insurance risk assessments (including pre-initial public offering) across life sciences, semiconductor, web app development and wider software, pharmaceutical, mining and exploration, packaging, milling, and fishing organisations in the US, UK, China, and South Africa among others.
  • Active shooter risk assessments for educational institutions across the US.
  • Providing cloud-hosted and cloud-native modelling capabilities for terrorism books of business and insurance facilities across the US and UK to understand portfolio-level aggregations and exposures.

We also support underwriters with ad hoc consulting, which can include thought leadership and topical white papers as well as referrals from policyholders requiring threat assessments, training and workshops, and travel risk advisory among other areas that fall within their subvention budget.

When can the insurance market benefit most from consulting support?

For insurance policy-related risk assessments, we are usually engaged by underwriters well in advance of renewal dates, enabling us to spend valuable time working with potential risks to understand their operations and the risk mitigation measures they already have in place. This ensures that our assessments are complete, accurate, and available to the markets to utilise in their policy placement.

For all other services, it is our aim to develop excellent and ongoing relationships with the underwriters we work with so that we can support as and when needed across a broad range of requirements. Through maintaining these relationships, we can use the expertise and tools we have at our disposal to reduce the risk of loss to our partners.

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