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Providing intelligence and on the ground support, including secure movement and journey management, to enable teams to work securely in unfamiliar places.

Travel risk management is increasingly at the forefront of organisations’ minds.

In the wake of the new international travel risk management standard ISO 31030, traveller security is no longer a consideration limited to companies or staff going to high risk destinations, but must be considered by all organisations and for all travellers, to safeguard their people and reputation.

Clients can sometimes find it difficult to bring together intelligence, travel tracking, journey management, active threat monitoring and crisis response; to ensure  their people remain safe when working overseas.

We can provide travel security advisory, which can include: bespoke pre-trip assessments including ‘Go / No go’ advice or more comprehensive threat and risk assessments. Additionally, we can conduct travel security awareness briefings or trip-specific briefings; tailored journey management plans; e-learning courses; and ongoing security support during travel such as media monitoring and intelligence updates.

Trip Risk Assessment

Information and experience is the antidote to unfamiliarity when travelling, and we work to ensure our clients have safe and successful trips – no matter how dangerous or complex the environment.

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As the complexity of doing business abroad increases, we provide a range of our clients, from large corporates to NGOs and higher education, pre-trip advance information, bespoke risk assessments and real-time monitoring.

As planning is critical, our pre-trip risk assessments ensure your team receives the tools to identify, analyse and manage the full spectrum of risks while away.

Our team research and provide visual analysis on what risks there are to the traveller. These can range from terrorism and corruption, to medical facilities and disease in the specific locations of travel. We also risk assess the modes of transportation and routes to be taken, along with accommodation. This provides a granular intelligence picture of the security environment on the ground, and prescribes actionable, tailored precautionary measures.

In addition, during the trip, our threat intelligence team can provide real-time alerting to the traveller on the ground and/or teams back home. This aims to make them aware of notable developments happening in and around that location, from protest action that may cause travel disruptions to an attack that jeopardises their physical safety.

Case Study
High risk travel support to oil and gas services

"A clear understanding of the threat landscape is vital to business and operational success, and more importantly, personal safety."

Lydia Stead
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Threat Assessment

Intelligence and analysis which clearly outlines what we’re helping our clients to protect against underpins all follow-on risk management activity.

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Our specialist threat intelligence team has extensive experience conducting threat assessments worldwide, including site-specific and country-level market risk projects. This process helps clients understand what the local and risk landscape looks like, so they can best protect their staff, significant investment, and day-to-day operations.

We have been able to deploy our intelligence consultants with an intimate knowledge of these potential adversaries and their tactics, techniques, and procedures – as well as specialists in the security industry in the Middle East, with cumulative experience of over 25 years in the region.

We assess the threat intent and capability of each actor before identifying risks and flashpoints between actors. This in turn forms the basis of suggested solutions and mitigations. These projects can be delivered remotely, utilising the latest technologies to get us a huge amount of useful, granular information. This includes the use of recent and detailed satellite imagery, social media analytics, and human sources. While we can also arrange for site visits to get a more comprehensive intelligence picture.

Case Study
Threat and risk assessment for multinational in conflict zone

"We understand that a realistic and objective identification and assessment of geopolitical risks can be crucial to a company’s short term resilience and long term longevity."

Amber Meadows
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Active Threat Monitoring

Our intelligence team regularly work on cases where every second counts.

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Our team routinely deploys tools to actively monitor the threat landscape for a client, whether this be a specific threat actor planning to target them or geopolitical developments that can impact their operations. This includes monitoring from open and closed source platforms and media.

As part of our intelligence offering, we monitor geopolitical events. For the creation of a crisis and continuity plan servicing a large multinational in Southeast Asia, our threat intelligence team mapped out potential events that would likely lead to its eventual activation.

We then reviewed and quantified the likely escalation of incidents relating to a range of potentially catastrophic scenarios in the region. This included various conflict and civil war risks, instability, natural disasters, and the emergence of a pandemic.

With the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 strain of coronavirus, this process proved extremely valuable. From the end of December 2019, crisis management teams were able to fully prepare for the arrival of this strain to other parts of the region.

Case Study
Threat monitoring and investigation into a hostile individual fixated on a key stakeholder

"We deploy tools to actively monitor chatter that may be particularly negative or threatening to our clients."

Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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