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Increase security and resilience

Improve your ability to pre-empt, manage and respond to your most critical risks - from geopolitical, to cyber, to supply chain issues.

Our clients repeatedly tell us that they feel the world is becoming more volatile.

We work with our clients to enhance their security posture and resilience to an array of potential threats, from cyber attacks, natural disasters, or an outbreak in hostilities,  as well as to support them for in the event something does go wrong.

We do this through providing pragmatic, actionable advice and recommendations. Our offering includes tailored threat and risk assessments; benchmarking and gap analysis; plan and policy review and development; bespoke training and workshops; site security reviews; executive lifestyle reviews; penetration testing; and pre-employment due diligence.

Security Strategy Development

Dealing with uncertain and unpredictable threats requires strategy, not just activity. We work closely with clients to understand their risk and chart out how they can effectively protect their organisations.

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Our consultants promote a risk-led approach to protecting personnel, operations, assets and reputation for our clients. We prioritise aligning to best practice international risk management standards such as ISO31000: Risk management and ISO28000: Supply chain resilience.

We have access to some of the most comprehensive terrorism and political violence datasets available and utilize the latest data mining and social media analytics to detect incidents. This data is used to conduct threat assessments which identifies threat actors and assesses which risk scenarios could feasibly affect our client.

Risk analysis then ensures that the risk scenarios identified have been evaluated in comparison to the nature of the client’s assets to be protected. The final step, risk evaluation, assesses the likelihood of a risk materialising based on threat intent and capability, target attractiveness and protection measures in place.

A robust risk-led security strategy considers how the following areas should interact to provide ongoing protection:

  • Intelligence/community information collection and analysis.
  • Physical security measures.
  • Mobile security measures, close protection and journey management.
  • Emergency response plans.
  • Evacuation planning.
  • Technical security measures.
  • Liaison with military and security forces.
Case Study
Physical penetration testing exercise for a FTSE 100 global broker

"We understand that our clients share our commitment to a risk-led approach to protecting personnel, operations, assets and reputation."

Sneha Dawda
Associate, Crisis & Security Strategy
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Crisis Planning and Continuity

If you want to detect crises earlier, respond to them more effectively or recover faster – we can help.

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We support organisations in preparing for and responding to crises and high impact risk events, by providing bespoke crisis and continuity advice that is robust, flexible and clear.

We have worked intimately with clients across dozens of sectors and in over 80 countries, to help them prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters, supply chain disruption, cyberattacks, conflict and terrorism. We can support clients with:

  • Crisis management plans and decision support materials that can be deployed ‘out of the box’, so you can act quickly and responsibly to protect your organisation when things go wrong.
  • Pandemic response plans that use granular key risk indicators and intelligence sources to provide early warning.
  • Evacuation planning and validation for hostile environments or specific crisis scenarios.
  • Continuity planning to understand what is most valuable to our clients, and develop continuity strategies that ensure organisations can recover quickly whenever or however these assets are disrupted.
Case Study
Crisis plan development for a global bank

"Senior leaders are being asked to manage more risk, more dynamically than ever before, and the ability to respond to and recover from crises has never been more central to success for global organisations."

Nick Robinson
Associate, Crisis & Security Strategy
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