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Enter difficult markets

Carrying out pre-transactional and post-transactional analysis to help companies enter frontier, emerging or other high risk markets through intelligence, consulting, and crisis response.

New and unfamiliar markets can hold significant potential for high growth businesses.

They can also present risks which don't exist in more mature jurisdictions. Identifying those risks and managing them is critical to long-term success.

Many of our clients are looking to enter new and frequently challenging markets, and we recognise the importance of understanding the market landscape and wider threat environment in informing this decision-making process. We provide reassurance through fostering understanding of the local environment at a granular level.

We offer: industry-specific market landscape assessments using our extensive source networks and partners on the ground; local, regional, and country-level threat and risk assessments; advice on office, operational, and executive residence locations; route assessments and journey management plans; and due diligence on potential partner organisations.

Political Risk Consultancy

We work with clients to develop market entry strategies, assess associated risks, put in place measures to protect investment, enabling your new or existing ventures to thrive.

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We help clients expand into overseas markets and ensure successful market entry in unfamiliar territories. We analyse the market entry process to understand how risks materialise and design an overall risk management strategy, helping to reduce the company’s exposure to these risks through preparation, advisory and insurance.

We believe that any company’s dive into a new geographic market consists of a number of layers which interact to create an operational entity in the country or region under discussion. These are:

  • Regulatory and legal
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Political

We do an initial market risk assessment to establish potential risks faced by the client across each layer of the market. Focusing on the specific potential issues identified, we assist clients with pre-investment due diligence, using extensive overseas resources, proprietary data and specialist technologies. This includes using open and closed source media, analysing corporate records, sanctions and red flag checks and human source enquiries.

We then help our clients to implement and maintain the control measures required to succeed in their new market, or in an existing market which is significantly changing. To do this, we utilise a unique AnotherDay-built technology platform: Cascade.

Case Study
Political risk assessment for a global energy firm transitioning to renewables in Africa

"The main obstacle to successful market entry, and the proximate cause of most failures, is unfamiliarity."

Max Richardson
Associate, Crisis & Security Strategy
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Threat Assessment

Intelligence and analysis which clearly outlines what we’re helping our clients to protect against underpins all follow-on risk management activity.

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Our specialist threat intelligence team has extensive experience conducting threat assessments worldwide, including site-specific and country-level market risk projects. This process helps clients understand what the local and risk landscape looks like, so they can best protect their staff, significant investment, and day-to-day operations.

We have been able to deploy our intelligence consultants with an intimate knowledge of these potential adversaries and their tactics, techniques, and procedures – as well as specialists in the security industry in the Middle East, with cumulative experience of over 25 years in the region.

We assess the threat intent and capability of each hostile individual before identifying risks and flashpoints between hostile groups. This in turn forms the basis of suggested solutions and mitigations. These projects can be delivered remotely, utilising the latest technologies to get us a huge amount of useful, granular information. This includes the use of recent and detailed satellite imagery, social media analytics, and human sources. While we can also arrange for site visits to get a more comprehensive intelligence picture.

Case Study
Threat and risk assessment for multinational in conflict zone

"We understand that a realistic and objective identification and assessment of geopolitical risks can be crucial to a company’s short term resilience and long term longevity."

Amber Meadows
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Due Diligence

Some decisions are too important to be left to chance.

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We carry out due diligence in support of our clients, usually where there is a significant choice to be made. We invest in a global infrastructure to give us market-leading investigative due diligence coverage, to help clients understand the context of the outside world and how this might present both threats and opportunities - to help inform their decisions with confidence.

Our clients usually carry out due diligence for a variety of reasons. These include but are not limited to: Investing or divesting in a company or venture, entering a new market, hiring a new key stakeholder, engaging a vendor or partner in a high risk sector or geography, engaging in a Mergers & Acquisitions process or changing the structure of the supply chain.

We conduct a variety of due diligence depending on the client, and fuse together multiple sources. These sources can include: human source enquiries, social media collection and analysis, engaging with law enforcement, accessing closed-source databases to identify adverse media or financial and corporate information, deploying consultants to carry out covert site visits, use of commercially available satellite imagery and/or shipping and aviation databases, engaging with economic and market databases to review company performance, and collecting and analysing potential threat information from the dark web.

Case Study
International enhanced due diligence using open source and covert investigative techniques

"We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to conduct due diligence in support of high-impact changes and decisions in their organisations."

Neely Lally
Consultant, Corporate Governance
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Market Entry

Most market entry failures we see come from unfamiliarity: our teams collect intelligence and advise clients on how to do due diligence, set up operations, and look after their people in new jurisdictions.

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Our clients often look to enter overseas markets to drive their growth, either organically or through acquisition, and see diversification of geography as a pillar of corporate stability. This has become particularly true in emerging markets, a classification which currently applies to almost 80% of countries.

Our Political Risk consulting team has deep experience in working with large multinationals to enter and thrive in new markets by collaborating on their strategy, integrating risk management at each stage, carrying out specific projects to forecast political and other risks, developing pre-transactional due diligence, and setting the context for our clients’ agents to take actions to reduce risk.

We tend to support our clients in market entry by focusing on how risks materialising and how to ‘design-in’ risk management into an overall strategy to prepare, advise, and assist insuring our clients. In our experience, the main obstacle to successful market entry and the proximate cause of most failures is unfamiliarity. Operating in new markets, particularly developing or emerging ones, in the same way that companies work at home is simply not an option. In many cases, these new operating models can themselves create risks that need to be managed.

As such, we help support our clients with the following services:

  • Market entry process design
  • Country risk analysis
  • Project due diligence
  • Go/no-go criteria methodology
  • Other operational support
Case Study
Political risk assessment for a global energy firm transitioning to renewables in Africa

"Our team live and breathe emerging and frontier markets: the project- or opportunity-specific risk analysis phase is when this passion really comes into its own."

Adam Carrier
Head of Consulting
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