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We work with teams to collect and analyse threat intelligence.

This could be from human sources in frontier or difficult to access areas; open sources like news channels, social media or local newspapers; or even more advanced tools such as real-time satellite video and imagery.

In a nutshell, we collect information to inform really difficult decisions which could protect reputations, inform operations, and save lives.

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We create strategies to prevent, and prepare for, crisis.

We’ve created, tested and validated workable crisis, security and continuity plans to prepare for everything from a cyber attack, to country evacuations in war zones, to regional Ebola outbreaks. 

We work with clients to assess, write up, train and execute these plans – and we believe readiness creates competitive advantage.


We deploy specialists to respond to crises and criminality.

We sit in with crisis incident management teams, victims of crime and senior leaders to advise on serious crises, and utilise specialist investigators to collect evidence to pursue civil and criminal cases against those responsible. 

We use a range of methods – from negotiation, to police liaison, to private criminal prosecution – to bring crises to an end. 


We also deploy unique technology to help our clients manage intelligence and risk themselves.

The Cascade platform is a highly secure, cloud-based system that our clients use to manage and analyse intelligence, assess the vulnerability of their assets, identify threats and reduce risk. 

It’s the platform our consultants and our client wish they’d always had: so we built it.

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