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Key Risk Indicator monitoring across Asia Pacific for an international bank

East Asia



The consultants in the intelligence project team have been working closely with one of the world’s largest banks, on identifying strategic risks to their operations in south-east Asia and developing a Global Business Continuity Plan to protect their people and their business. The project included creation of a strategic risk register and matrix where we provided realistic and objective identification and assessment of strategic risks likely to impact the bank’s operations over a 5-7 year period, including the likely periods of disruption to aid continuity planning. This led to a redesign of continuity strategies where the team created a new continuity strategy for the bank’s operations in South-East Asia which protected people, critical processes and activities at the centre of the bank’s most important clients.

Most importantly, we provide ongoing Key Risk Indicator monitoring. Once the Key Risk Indicators had been agreed with the bank and fully identified across a range of political, security and pandemic risk scenarios, the team took over the monitoring process to provide early warning. The monitoring continuously reviews a range of data sources and alerts the bank when Key Risk Indicators are beginning to be met.

Outcomes for the client

  • Identified how their crisis management could be better integrated to meet global threats.
  • Improved existing resilience strategies to meet the identified strategic risks.
  • Pursued new resilience and continuity programmes to safeguard their important work in global markets.
  • Provided reassurance to the Board and investors that the bank had efficient mechanisms in place to react quickly and respond effectively in the event of a crisis.
  • Ensured that global resilience teams had access to independent dashboards and sources of intelligence to immediately advise senior management if a KRI had been breached.

Project leads

Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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Amber Meadows
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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Lydia Stead
Associate, Threat Intelligence
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