Case Study

High risk travel support to oil and gas services

United Kingdom, Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan



We provided end-to-end, multi-year travel security support for a major oil and gas contractor deploying individuals on projects in high risk locations around the world, including Algeria, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Papua New Guinea and Nigeria. We provided individual trip risk assessments for every trip incorporating the latest intelligence (collected through our local source networks, open source and social media analytics) and detailed assessment of proposed accommodation, transport and work sites. This level of risk detail, down to individual hotels, roads and flights, informed not only ‘go/no go’ decisions but changes in individual itineraries to reduce risk – leading to more trips occurring successfully.

Outcomes for the client

  • Greater visibility on the risk to trips down to individual location, flight or route level
  • Options to change trip itineraries rather than forcing cancellations, facilitating the contractor’s business
  • Increased delivery of work in higher risk locations supported by risk assessment and intelligence monitoring

Project leads

Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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Jake Hernandez
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