Case Study

Threat monitoring and investigation into a hostile individual fixated on a key stakeholder

United Kingdom
Services involved:
Active Threat Monitoring
Threat Intelligence
Private Prosecutions
Criminal Investigations


The consultants in the threat intelligence team have been working with an international pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in order to monitor an individual who made continuous threats to key stakeholders within the business, on various social media platforms and via email.

This project included the identification and daily monitoring of any social media profiles we could attribute to the individual and content they were posting elsewhere online. From there we recorded any disparaging or threatening remarks towards both the company, specific employees and their family members. Alongside risk mitigation, this allowed the client to build a detailed and timestamped log of data that could be used against the individual in the case of prosecution.

Several months later we identified through this intelligence process that the target individual may have moved to a different continent and so a second phase of this project commenced. We used extensive open source intelligence to assess the reliability of this information and identified multiple reliable posts and data points indicating the individuals location and likely address. This information was then passed to the client so they could liaise with their legal team and police.

Finally, as the client was unable to reach the individual to provide prosecution papers, we were able to offer a third phase to this project. In this instance, working alongside our investigations team, we could conduct surveillance on the individual, with the ability to serve papers in the most practical and convenient way, and where possible record this service in the event of any disputes.

Project leads
Lydia Stead
Consultant, Threat Intelligence
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Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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Outcomes for client

  • Continued daily monitoring of individual, this included analysing any change of behaviour, interest or threat profile, in order to mitigate any risk towards the company or their employees.
  • Provided reliable and trustworthy intelligence on the updated location of the individual.
  • Provided extensive data logs of any activity the individual conducted that was disparaging towards the client, which was in a format and standard operational for prosecution.

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