Trip Risk Assessment

Information and experience is the antidote to unfamiliarity when travelling, and we work to ensure our clients have safe and successful trips – no matter how dangerous or complex the environment.


The complexity of doing business abroad is only increasing. We provide a range of our clients, from large corporates to NGOs and higher education, pre-trip advance information, bespoke risk assessments and monitoring of occurrences and incidents in a destination.

How We Can Help You

A clear understanding of the threat landscape is vital to business and operational success, and more importantly, personal safety. Planning is critical for mission success, as such our pre-trip risk assessments ensure your team receives the tools to identify, analyse and manage the full spectrum of risks while away.

Our team research and provide visual analysis on what risks there are to the traveller from terrorism, crime, extortion, corruption and medical facilities and disease in country and the specific locations the travellers will be going to. We also risk assess the modes of transportation and routes to be taken, along with accommodation. This provides a granular intelligence picture of what the security environment is like on the ground, and prescribes actionable, tailored precautionary measures.

In addition, during the trip, our threat intelligence team can provide real-time alerting to the traveller on the ground and/or teams back home. This aims to make them aware of notable developments happening in and around that location, from protest action that may cause travel disruptions to an attack that jeopardises their physical safety.

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