Private Prosecutions

Helping victims of crime seek justice, when law enforcement are unable to assist.


No one ever expects to be a victim of crime; however, increasingly individuals and companies are targeted by organised criminal groups, fraudsters, and even their own staff. The impact on a company and people, financially, emotionally and sometimes physically, can be huge.

Given the cuts to the public sector, including stretched resources and differing priorities, often the police will be unable to assist or any investigation and prosecution will take a long time.

Private prosecutions are not just for corporate frauds; our team have recently been working with victims of assault, false imprisonment, harassment, and many other offences to help victims of crime seek justice.

A private prosecution is often the solution.

How We Can Help You

Initiating private criminal proceedings, without the involvement of the police or Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), can be a daunting prospect. However, a robust response to crime, conducted quickly and efficiently, provides the best chance of catching and convicting those responsible.

To that end, our specialist investigation teams — drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and supported by years of experience overseeing cases involving fraud, corruption, and organised crime — work closely with law firms and counsel to bring private criminal prosecutions that adhere to the highest standards required by the UK criminal justice system.

The potential outcome from a private prosecution, including a custodial sentence for the accused, confiscation and compensation, and potential recovery of costs from Central Funds, give real closure for victims of crime that may not otherwise be available.

This process is not to be undertaken lightly, and requires expertise to ensure this is conducted correctly and to prevent potential pitfalls. However, the tools at our disposal, coupled with robust disclosure management and area-specific expertise, enables us to help you bring criminals to justice.

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