Case Study

Corporate overt and covert investigation into suspected internal fraud and corruption




AnotherDay were instructed by a well-known distributor to conduct a covert investigation into the discrepancies found in the stock and company accounts to the value of over £7million. Unsure of who was involved, the investigators deployed across the UK, and quickly secured crucial evidence and spoke with key witnesses. Once the witness accounts were obtained, financial investigators carried out an in-depth forensic review of the company accounts spanning many years. All the evidential material was obtained and a comprehensive case file suitable for criminal judicial proceedings was put together; this was submitted to expert litigators for their review and passed to the relevant law enforcement agency.

Outcomes for the client

A quick and robust criminal investigation completed in a timely manner that provided evidence for an immediate dismissal of employees.

Project leads

Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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