Case Study

Criminal investigation within a luxury retailer

United Kingdom



Our team assisted a criminal investigation into a high value theft of luxury items from a retailer. The suspect had claimed that the items had been stolen from them, and reported it to the police. Our team were instructed to review the circumstances, and following an in-depth investigation, we identified that their account was false, and they had fabricated evidence to cover an ongoing high value theft and fraud. Our team conducted a complex and detailed criminal investigation, to gather overwhelming evidence to prosecute the individual. We liaised with experienced Queen’s Counsel to review the case, and assisted the decision to pass the material back to the police, who arrested and prosecuted the suspect.

Outcomes for the client

  • Justice obtained through criminal conviction
  • Positive message to staff, shareholders and public
  • Reduce likelihood of other offenders through deterrent factor
  • Reduced costs through close police liaison

Project leads

Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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