Investigations to Support Private Clients

Working closely with individuals, and helping with complex and sensitive personal and professional concerns.


We understand the sensitivities for individual clients when going through a crisis. This can involve substantial theft or losses due to fraud or other criminality, matrimonial disputes, deception and dishonesty by those closest to them, harassment or stalking, blackmail or extortion, or concerns about their privacy being breached or their reputation being undermined by unknown individuals.

In many cases, our clients do not want to involve the authorities, and therefore require a discreet and bespoke solution.

How We Can Help You

We understand that every client is different, and the desired outcome will depend on what has happened and their personal circumstances. This could be obtaining peace of mind, considering a civil injunction, through to litigation or a criminal prosecution.

Our investigations team works closely with individual clients, offering guidance and support throughout a crisis, and work hand in hand with specialist lawyers to bring about a successful resolution.

To do this, we use our experience in law enforcement, intelligence and risk management, with cutting edge and bespoke technology, to ensure a successful resolution for our individual clients.

Recent cases have involved:

  • Asset tracing in matrimonial proceedings, including tracing crypto-assets.
  • Supporting a client to obtain evidence to counter a false allegation of sexual assault, resulting in acquittal.
  • Counter surveillance, identifying hostile surveillance and evidence of harassment.
  • Technical Counter Surveillance Measures to identify eavesdropping devices.
  • Cryptocurrency analysis to show financial institutions that crypto assets were legitimately obtained.
  • Reverse due diligence on a client, to understand their physical and reputational vulnerabilities.
  • Due Diligence on prospective staff members in positions of trust, to identify any red flags.
  • Criminal investigations on behalf of numerous clients, to commence private prosecutions.
  • Anonymous defamation investigation on social media networks such as Twitter, including identification of the user and working with lawyers to obtain and serve court orders.

This is only a small example of how our investigations team support private clients; our team will provide a unique and bespoke solution to ensure a successful outcome.

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