Criminal Investigations

The standard of a criminal investigation makes a significant impact on the final verdict.


Our unique, tailored criminal and civil investigation capability provides individuals and organisations with answers to sensitive questions in a way which meets the highest standards of evidential admissibility.

We employ expert former detectives from elite units within the British law enforcement, who excel at complex, high profile investigations and management of sensitive intelligence gathering, using overt and covert techniques acquired from years of experience within specialist police teams and subscriptions to enhanced datasets.

How We Can Help You

Working side-by-side with specialist law firms, we support ongoing litigation across multiple jurisdictions conducting criminal investigations in the most comprehensive and robust manner possible.

No investigation is the same; the list provided is not exhaustive, and each case requires a bespoke investigation strategy. However, potential lines of enquiry to support a criminal investigation could involve the following:

  • Carrying out detailed interviews and obtaining statements and exhibits from key and corroborating witnesses.
  • Seizing and obtaining exhibits from these witnesses to support the prosecution case.
  • Retaining and scheduling relevant unused material to adhere to CPIA guidelines.
  • Examining digital material to identify further evidence that supports the prosecution case – including working with IT departments (should specialist forensic work be required this would be agreed in advance).
  • Supporting applications for data and evidence from third parties.
  • Pursuing open and closed source research to identify other assets attributable to the suspect.
  • Conducting criminal interviews (in line with PACE 1984) of suspect(s) identified (where applicable).
  • Creating unused material schedules and review of material that can assist the defence or undermine the prosecution, and preparation of a disclosure management document.

Case File and Trial Preparation

It is common for a comprehensive case file to be presented to Counsel for an evidential review, specifically in criminal investigations. This is where our experience from being the lead investigators in complex trials at Crown and Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) kicks in to play.

The case file forms a key part of the investigation and must be constructed to the highest standard to withstand any scrutiny and prevent further issues at court.

The case file will consist of the following:

  • Creation of a comprehensive prosecutors’ report, outlining the overview of the offence, the key facts, key evidence in the case, outline any undermining issues that may arise, and a full evidential chronology.
  • Completion of a full case summary suitable for the Court and defence.
  • Bespoke prosecution, court and jury bundles to ensure the case is presented in the best possible way, often working with instructed counsel to ensure the presentation meets their desired format.
  • Full witness schedule of victims and witnesses, outlining their roles and exhibits.
  • Schedule of exhibits used by the prosecution in the case.
  • Copies of statements from current identified key victims and witnesses, forming the basis of the case.
  • Copies of exhibits that form part of the prosecution case.
  • A full schedule of all used and unused material in the case.
  • Schedule of all sensitive material in the case (where applicable), detailing the rationale as to why the material falls into this category.
  • A Disclosure Management Document to support the prosecution case.

Our Success

Our investigators have years of experience in conducting complex criminal investigations. Being a lead investigator at court for a complex trial and to be cross examined is in itself a skillset which is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Our criminal investigations often result in early guilty pleas and criminal convictions due to the robust investigation and evidence gathering process.

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