Crime Response

When the law enforcement response is slow, our specialist investigations team are often drafted in to get fast results.


Our clients often find that the law enforcement response to criminality can be slow. Additionally, some clients, as a result of confidentiality concerns, wish to have the same level of response without the engagement of law enforcement.

We support and carry out a range of internal and external investigations for clients globally, led by former detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad, an elite police unit from New Scotland Yard in London.

How We Can Help You

When is this service used?

This service is often requested in support of objectives, such as to:

  • Support litigation by providing a robust investigative strategy and response that can be used against defendants.
  • Disrupt distribution frauds or robberies to recover high volumes of stock.
  • Identify organised criminal networks that have infiltrated large corporates causing substantial financial losses.

What is it we do?

When clients have a ‘crime in action’, we provide a response that encompasses the following:

  • Remote and on the ground support by AnotherDay investigators.
  • Deploy technical covert solutions
  • Tracking and live monitoring (when tracker taken).
  • Ongoing police liaison.
  • Intelligence support.
  • Remote or on the ground gathering of evidence.
  • Writing of search warrants and other documentation.
  • Covert surveillance assets deployed to obtain overwhelming and corroborating evidence.
  • Live surveillance conducted to support ongoing police activity.
  • Obtaining witness statements.
  • Ongoing police support post arrest/recovery of assets.
  • Support police enquiries to gather evidence while suspects are arrested and in custody, increasing likelihood of a charge.
  • Ongoing evidence and intelligence gathering to support police.

Our clients lean on our investigators due to their extensive experience and success in leading proactive investigations at AnotherDay making them leaders in this field. As such, law firms and leading consumer brands engage with us, resulting to date in multiple arrests and convictions of criminals engaged in criminal activity and recoveries of over stock valued in excess of £2million.

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