Case Study

Reverse due diligence for a political candidate

Europe, Middle East and South Asia



Our investigation team were asked to review a high net worth client who was in the public eye due to a potential political candidacy, to assess the potential vulnerabilities they could be exposed to. We assumed the position of an organised crime group, investigative journalist or hostile individual, to identify where the client may have been vulnerable, from a physical, reputational or legal perspective. We conducted in-depth open and closed source research, mainstream and local media searches, corporate record and credit and consented database searches, and in-depth social media analysis, as well as human source enquiries. From this, we were able to identify potential security risks, and also historic reputational vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hostile actors.

Outcomes for the client

  • Identified potential physical and security vulnerabilities
  • Identified areas of reputational concern that could be exploited by third parties
  • Provided a roadmap of mitigation measures to reduce online and physical concerns

Project leads

Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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Jake Hernandez
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