Case Study

Investigation into corruption in Iraq

Services involved:
Due Diligence
Human Source Intelligence


Our teams led a highly sensitive investigation into potential wrongdoing in Iraq involving government agencies, local contractors and non-state actors to inform a strategic-level decision by one of our clients.

We utilised local human sources to gather useful information on the tactics being used by the groups in question, down to the level of specific individuals and locations, which was then corroborated by our access to other databases and use of specialist open source techniques.

This provided our client with an in-depth investigatory report, supported by a range of raw information materials, covering places, people, activities and wrongdoing at a level of specificity that was actually useful.

Project leads
Jake Hernandez
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Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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Outcomes for client

  • Confirmation of wrongdoing, including specific tactics used
  • Reassurance that the investigation had taken place in a rigorous way adhering to the highest standards of evidentiality
  • Identification of specific people, places, activities and instances of wrongdoing to inform their decision

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