Case Study

Physical penetration testing exercise for a FTSE 100 global broker

United Kingdom
Services involved:
Crisis Planning and Continuity
Security Strategy Development


A FTSE 100 global Broker requested specialist covert experts from AnotherDay to conduct a physical penetration test of 10+ locations around the United Kingdom.

During this test, consultants used various methods, including social engineering, to circumnavigate multiple controls and gain physical entry to restricted areas, identifying sensitive information about the business and their clients while capturing it all through covert devices. Our consultants conducted open-source research to understand the organisation and assess the security controls at each location, looking at camera positioning, security guard capabilities, fences and employee profile analysis.

After successfully entering the sites, we identified areas where additional training and awareness were required to ensure security measures remain robust.

Project leads
Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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Outcomes for client

  • The client obtained clear imagery of their security controls being breached
  • Risk management and reduction measures within a comprehensive report
  • Ongoing advice and post-project support
  • Positive outcome – the company identified significant security control vulnerabilities before an attacker could.

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Crisis Planning and Continuity
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