Case Study

International enhanced due diligence using open source and covert investigative techniques




We were requested by a high-profile UHNW client to provide investigative services to support complex multi-jurisdictional litigation (UK, Europe, and Middle East). Our specialist investigators conducted in-depth due diligence on a series of individuals and entities, with each phase of the project directing further steps of the investigation. We identified, verified, and evaluated a large corpus of information, including official records from the UK and other jurisdictions, as well as also linked the individuals of interest to notable addresses in the UK through covert surveillance. Finally, we presented our findings in a set of cohesive and comprehensive reports that provided the legal team with robust intelligence to enhance their evidential package for court proceedings.

Outcomes for the client

  • Detailed profiles of all individuals and entities of interest, including their personal assets, and movements / activities of relevance to the investigation.
  • Clear and justified recommendations for further lines of enquiry.
  • Demonstration to the end client of the law firm’s ability to successfully ascertain the unlawful use of their wealth and assets to support a private prosecution.

Project leads

Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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