Threat Assessment

Intelligence and analysis which clearly outlines what we’re helping our clients to protect against underpins all follow-on risk management activity.


Our specialist threat intelligence team have extensive experience in conducting threat assessments around the world, including both site-specific and country level market risk projects.

Over the years we have helped a broad spectrum of clients, from renewable energy companies, other large corporates to NGOs and airlines understand their context and navigate the risks posed by their growing operations and the instabilities they are faced with.

The threat assessment process takes and analyses intelligence, identifies threat actors (and their capability and intent), and sets the scene for assessing what risk scenarios could feasibly affect our client.

How We Can Help You

Geopolitical and local threat assessments

Many of our clients seek to understand how the security and political environment may impact them – and additionally what the local threat and risk landscape looks like so they can best protect their staff, significant investment, and day-to-day operations.

Our team is well-versed in providing analysis on local security and geopolitical threats around the world. We have been able to deploy our intelligence consultants with an intimate knowledge of these potential adversaries and their tactics, techniques and procedures – as well as specialists in the security industry in the Middle East, with cumulative experience of over 25 years in the region. Recent projects include, but are not limited to, the impact of growing tensions between the US and Iran for Middle East based airlines, a political risk project in Africa and a client with large operations in South East Asia.

We understand that a realistic and objective identification and assessment of geopolitical risks can be crucial to a company’s short term resilience and long term longevity. As such, we focus on risks which could conceivably disrupt the client’s operations in the next 5-7 years and provide both a justification of the likelihood of each, and a determination of how much they could impact the firm’s focus areas or operations.

We assess the threat intent of each actor, based on a rigorous analysis of their motivations and previous patterns of behaviour. Capability is based on previous incidents and their communications. We can then identify risks and flashpoints between actors. This in turn forms the basis of suggested solutions and mitigations.

These projects can be delivered remotely, utilising the latest technologies to get us a huge amount of useful, granular information. This includes the use of recent and detailed satellite imagery, social media analytics, and human sources. While we can also arrange for site visit’s in order to get a more comprehensive intelligence picture.

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