Political Risk Consultancy

We work with clients to develop market entry strategies, assess associated risks, put in place measures to protect investment, enabling your new or existing ventures to thrive.


Some of our most successful clients understand that the domestic market can only support them for so long. They look to overseas markets to drive their growth, either organically or through acquisition, and see diversification of geography as a pillar of corporate stability. This has become particularly true in emerging markets, a classification which currently applies to almost 80% of countries.

The main obstacle to successful market entry, and the proximate cause of most failures, is unfamiliarity. Operating in new markets, particularly developing or emerging ones, in the same way that companies work at home is simply not an option. In many cases, these new operating models can themselves create risks that need to be managed.

How We Can Help You

From our experience of working with clients on market entry (and maintaining market presence) in a risk-led way, we think the best way to think about the issue is by understanding that any company’s dive into a new geographic market consists of a number of layers:

  • Regulatory and legal
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Political

Each of these layers sit on top of one another, and interact to create an operational entity in the country or region under discussion. We support  Boards and senior leadership teams by analysing the market entry process, understanding how risks usually tend to materialise, and how to ‘design-in’ risk management into an overall strategy to ensure that the company’s exposure is managed through preparation, advisory and insurance.

Market risk assessment

When we work with clients, we always begin with initial market risk assessments: these take a broad view of the potential risks faced by the client across the financial, regulatory, operational, environmental, and political layers. The end goal is to develop a granular understanding of potential risks, and identify risk reduction strategies which can be presented to senior leadership teams.

Pre-investment due diligence

Usually, based on the market risk assessment our clients decide to continue with the process: the risk scenarios identified help to focus in on specific potential issues, and we’re able to utilise extensive overseas resources – coupled with proprietary data and specialist technologies - to assist them with pre-investment due diligence. This includes: using open and closed source media, analysing corporate records, sanctions and red flag checks and human source enquiries.

Market entry risk management

Once initial risk assessments and due diligence have been completed, and the strategy is clear, we help our clients implement and maintain the control measures required to succeed in their new market (or an existing one which is changing beyond recognition). To do this, we utilise a unique AnotherDay-built technology platform: Cascade.

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