Event Monitoring

In person and virtual gatherings can create security and reputational risk exposures, and our team work to provide intelligence coverage to prevent individuals or groups from ruining landmark events.


We proactively monitor events our clients are hosting or attending around the world for a variety of security risks and disruptive activity, such as planned civil action and targeted attacks. To do this we utilise a platform to look into social media chatter on an event or issue and carry out pre-event red flag checks against local partners.

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We proactively monitor these events through our social media, background check, dark web and other platforms to feed intelligence into the event security teams. We do this through geofencing the location and keyword-based searches to assess incidents and look for potential threats.

In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns, our client’s may have been forced to stay home but this did not stop their business as usual, with events, product launches moving to the online sphere. As such, we have been tasked with the geo-fencing of virtual events. The physical risk that could be associated with in-real-life events may be mitigated by this. However, the reputational and operational risks continue. This can be seen, for example, through private data from events being leaked to the open or dark web, news of an internal drug launch event causing a spike in interest on social media with potential hostilities.

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