Crisis Planning and Continuity

If you want to detect crises earlier, respond to them more effectively or recover faster – we can help.


We support organisations in preparing for and responding to crises and high impact risk events, by providing bespoke crisis and continuity advice that is robust, flexible and clear.

The nature and number of threats to organisations is constantly evolving: from the changing face of terrorism, to the growing complexity of cyber attacks and the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change. Senior leaders are being asked to manage more risk, more dynamically than ever before, and the ability to respond to and recover from crises has never been more central to success for global organisations.

We have worked intimately with clients across dozens of sectors and in over 80 countries, to help them prepare for and respond to natural disasters, supply chain disruption, cyberattacks, conflict, terrorism, state-sponsored spying and organised crime.

How We Can Help You

Crisis management

We develop clear crisis management plans and decision support materials that can be deployed ‘out of the box’, so you can act quickly and responsibly to protect your organisation when things go wrong. We’ll work with your teams to ensure these plans are well understood, thoroughly exercised and ready to respond.

Pandemic planning

We help organisations prepare for and detect public health issues before they become crises, using granular key risk indicators and intelligence sources to provide early warning, integrated with effective crisis management plans to improve the organisational response.

Evacuation planning

Our highly experienced consultants deploy wherever our clients need us, to develop and validate evacuation plans for hostile environments or specific crisis scenarios, to make sure their people and critical assets can be recovered in a safe and rapid manner.

Continuity and resilience planning

We work with clients to understand what is most valuable to their organisations, be it people, processes, technology or even suppliers. We develop continuity strategies that ensure organisations can recover quickly whenever or however these assets are disrupted.

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