About Lydia

Lydia is experienced in providing risk analysis and open-source intelligence. Prior to AnotherDay, Lydia's experience included generating risk profiles of disruptive and violent individuals, or organisations, who posed a threat to major Big Tech clients on a global scale. She also provided monitoring and analysis for various clients, including pharmaceutical, financial systems and media companies.

Academically, Lydia holds a MA in Science and International Security from Kings College London. She also achieved a distinction in her dissertation which focused on the role of social media in aiding the rise, and normalisation, of far right extremism. Her other areas of focus included weapons of mass destruction, homegrown radicalisation and African security.

At AnotherDay, Lydia is a member of the Threat Intelligence team and provides a number of services to companies, including monitoring, analytical reports and open-source intelligence. Lydia has a keen understanding of security threats, including; terror, disruptive and reputational risk and socio-economic threats.


Lydia Stead