About Laura

Laura works with a broad spectrum of clients including corporates, large multinationals, NGOs and private individuals, to help clients better understand and navigate the environments they operate in and complex world around them.

Laura leads the Threat Intelligence team, who specialise in utilising social media analytics, along with open and closed source intelligence to ascertain the most granular information. A key aspect of this is also the generation of human source networks around the world, which prove invaluable to investigative projects, including due diligence and scenario planning.

Her team also carry out investigations on various actors and entities around the world looking into topics such as corruption to terrorism-involvement. Laura is also experienced in political and geopolitical risk projects. She also works closely with clients to carry out proactive bespoke threat scanning and provide intelligence on kidnap and ransom developments.

Laura previously worked in the Middle East for political and security risk consultancy, predominantly focussing on post-Arab spring developments for clients in Libya. She also formerly worked for various extremism/terrorism-focussed think tanks in London, mainly tracking and analysing the flow of foreign fighters and working on grass-roots initiatives to help counter-radicalisation.

Laura holds an MA in Terrorism and Security from King’s College London and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Manchester. She was also selected for a UK-government scholarship to study in China at the East Normal China University, Shanghai and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.


Laura Hawkes