Case Study

Security and kidnap assessment for a high net worth individual

United Kingdom



We delivered a lifestyle and security assessment for an ultra high net worth client in London following a period of heightened media profile, specifically focussed on the protection of their family without ruining their quality of life. This included interviews with their family and staff, physical reviews of their properties, and mapping out their online presence and digital devices. We also carried out extensive reconnaissance and reviews of the routes they were using and the locations they visited frequently to come up with recommendations to mitigate crime and kidnap risks.

Outcomes for the client

  • A strategy for the deployment of security in the future to protect the family without affecting quality of life
  • Recommendations on how their security should be configured which can be taken to other vendors
  • Confidence in their routine, security measures and the digital security of their devices
  • A single point of contact for security advice in the future

Project leads

Jake Hernandez
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