Case Study

Recovering bitcoins following a fraudulent investment scam




Our crypto tracing experts were approached by a successful businessman who feared he had been scammed into investing into an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ Ponzi scam. Unsure if he was, our investigators met with him to obtain his account of what had happened. Using traditional investigative techniques; combined with the use of specialist data sets, our investigators were able to establish within the hour that he had been a victim of a large-scale fraud. By immediately carrying out extensive blockchain analysis, our team were able to trace the client’s digital assets across the blockchain to well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Working with specialist global litigators, the team produced a robust evidential and expert report for the UK Commercial Courts. The judge issued International Freezing Orders and Banker Trust Orders against the identified exchanges.

Outcomes for the client

Traced and froze digital assets of over USD 650,000 belonging to the client and prevented any further financial losses.

Project leads

Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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