Case Study

Historical intelligence collection in Yemen

Services involved:
Human Source Intelligence
Satellite Imagery Intelligence
Threat Assessment


We carried out historical intelligence collection and analysis focussed on the conflict in Yemen, as well as provided expert testimony from our consultants who have worked on the ground there, to inform an ongoing legal dispute over force majeure due to the advent of the Yemeni Civil War.

Our analysis included engagement with local human sources (including tribes), collection of current and historic social media activity, and detailed geospatial assessment using satellite imagery taken during the period of the dispute.

Our clear explanations of the situation on the ground at pivotal points during the war enabled both legal teams to take a more nuanced view of the factors at play which led to the force majeure.

Project leads
Laura Hawkes
Head of Intelligence
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Jake Hernandez
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Outcomes for client

  • Expert testimony on the nature and direction of the Yemeni Civil War
  • A clearer understanding of the ‘state of play’ at different points in time during a complex conflict
  • Direct access to the raw data used to inform our assessments, which could be used in legal arguments

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