Case Study

Global asset tracing for private equity

North America, Europe and the Middle East
Services involved:
Litigation Support
Asset Tracing
Due Diligence


We were engaged by a large family private equity fund to carry out an intelligence-led assessment of the assets, as well as their locations, status and value, belonging to another entity with which they were in dispute.

Our team identified hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets which could be used to support ongoing legal proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. The team utilised open source intelligence analysis, closed source databases and covert methods to create a detailed schedule of assets and how these were interconnected across over 15 countries.

Project leads
Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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Outcomes for client

  • A court-ready schedule of asset locations, valuations, status and relationships between them
  • A clearer direction, based on intelligence, on where to focus freezing orders and additional investigation
  • Direct access to the raw information collected which informed our asset tracing
  • A much broader picture of the opposition individual’s wealth to support the overall case

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