Case Study

Crisis exercising and simulation across Europe




Our crisis consulting team delivered tailored, realistic crisis management training and simulated exercises to the European management teams of a major retailer with a focus on cybersecurity, terrorism and serious organised criminality. This followed a review of their newly-developed crisis management plan, which was revised to align with international crisis response best practices. The simulations were delivered to almost 100 members of their senior management teams, including their Executive Committee. The exercises also helped the client to identify which individuals would be most appropriate and effective to include on their individual incident management teams at the local level.

Outcomes for the client

  • A revised crisis and incident management framework aligned to international best practices
  • Fully trained and exercised local management teams, as well as their executive committee (around 100 people)
  • Confidence that the organisation was ready to deal with a major crisis

Project leads

Jake Hernandez
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