Case Study

Crisis and security planning for a financial centre

United Kingdom
Services involved:
Security Strategy Development
Crisis Planning and Continuity


We developed an entirely new strategy for a financial centre client to integrate intelligence collection, command and control and crisis and emergency management utilising cutting edge technologies such as workflow management, social media analytics, and improved situational awareness using existing infrastructure.

We provided detailed descriptions of each component of the strategy, particularly around intelligence management and engagement with security forces, to make the client’s organisation ‘best in class’ when it comes to protection of crowded places in a complex terrorism threat environment.

Project leads
Jake Hernandez
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Outcomes for client

  • A clear strategy for improving technology, ways of working and stakeholder relationships
  • Detailed descriptions of all recommendations to make them easier to implement
  • Greater ability to respond to complex emergencies, particularly armed attack
  • A better configuration of the relationship with security forces to reduce crime and prepare for crisis
  • One strategy which could be pursued and implemented across a range of different teams

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