Case Study

Crisis and security assessment for a UN agency




Our consultants worked closely with a United Nations agency, responsible for nuclear crisis preparedness and non-proliferation, on identifying levels of maturity and areas of improvement in their readiness to deal with a major international crisis or catastrophe on behalf of the UN system. We reviewed the agency’s current crisis management infrastructure and how resources, people and plans fit together to meet the potential threats and risks; carried out an audit of current resilience strategies as measures, as per the United Nations Organisational Resilience Management System framework, to assess compliance and identify areas where current strategies could be improved; and reviewed physical security at the agency, including how this linked into cyber-security and information management, against best practice and international standards to help build a security management capability and support other resilience activities.

Outcomes for the client

  • Identified how their crisis management could be better integrated to meet global threats
  • Improved existing resilience strategies to meet the UN framework
  • Pursued new resilience and continuity programmes to safeguard their important work on global threats and emergencies
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement and resilience to critical external ‘clients’, such as the United Nations and member states

Project leads

Jake Hernandez
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