Case Study

Covert operation against a UK organised crime group

United Kingdom



One of the largest technology distribution centres in the United Kingdom was suffering a large number of thefts resulting in huge financial losses. Our teams analysed the data and identified an organised criminal network operating and working within the site. Led by our experienced ex-covert surveillance Detectives from the Metropolitan Police; we launched a targeted covert operation. Our team obtained covert video footage of the suspects committing the thefts. Once best evidence was obtained, our team directed the security to apprehend the suspects. All suspects were caught on site and arrested. A full evidential package including statements and exhibits was handed to police.

Outcomes for the client

  • Minimised internal thefts by halting weekly thefts
  • Apprehended organised criminals operating within the site and prevented from committing further crimes
  • Identified vulnerabilities in the client’s physical security systems

Project leads

Marlon Pinto
Director of Investigations
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