Case Study

CBRN risk assessment for a major newspaper




We were engaged by a major British broadsheet newspaper to conduct an operational security risk assessment, focussed on the threat from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, for some of their reporting staff travelling to the Fukushima Exclusion Zone in Japan following the nuclear accident. We utilised specialist data sources to inform a very granular assessment of the varying risk of radiological exposure while travelling in the zone, and outlined the precautions and risk treatment measures which needed to be taken to maintain the health of the staff working within the Zone. We also assessed other more strategic risks such as further radiological release from the damaged plant, North Korean missile overflights of Japanese airspace, and natural disasters.

Outcomes for the client

  • Measurable precautions and risk treatment measures which could be applied to the trip
  • Greater risk visibility relating to an unfamiliar environment and hazard (radiological exposure)
  • Demonstration of the newspaper’s commitment to duty of care

Project leads

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