Case Study

Asset trace to support freezing order application in financial fraud case

UK and Italy



We were engaged by a full-service British law firm to conduct due diligence on two individuals following an allegation of financial fraud, focussed on identifying wealth and assets as well as any red flags to support the criminal investigation. We utilised open and closed sources to provide an extensive personal and professional profile on each individual, and identified significant tangible assets held by them. Subsequently, we collected formal statements and produced evidential packages for court proceedings.

Outcomes for the client

  • A detailed profile of the two subjects and their tangible wealth and assets to support an application for a Freezing Order.
  • Clear and justified recommended lines for further investigation.
  • Demonstration to the end client of the law firm’s ability to successfully ascertain the existence of such wealth and assets and to bring the case to court.

Project leads

Simon Davison
Director of Investigations
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