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Tim Townsend is a highly experienced commercial and financial leader with a focus on security and risk management consulting. Tim has managed financial operations and planning of a multi-million pound turnover business, operating in multiple jurisdictions across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and has managed commercial and technical bids for contracts ranging in value up to £400m, for clients including major supranational organisations, governments, some of the world’s largest technology firms and major extractives companies.

Key achievements have been the coordination of significant internal restructures in his previous firms, driving cost efficiencies and formulating innovative pricing strategies to maintain and improve profitability in an increasingly challenging business environment. This has proven to be a great success and Tim brings a similar rigorous approach to driving profitability and competitive pricing in AnotherDay.

Tim brings his commercial and financial leadership knowledge to AnotherDay to enable us to carry out transformational consulting and services globally at competitive rates, and to create and deliver relevant and quality tenders to our clients when this is required.

Tim Townsend

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Tim Townsend