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Steffan sits within the investigations team and has years of prior experience working as a New Scotland Yard detective in various roles. This has provided him with vast experience in serious and complex investigations including attempted murder, frauds and violent crime.  With an expertise in evidence gathering and building compelling cases to bring forward to prosecution, Steffan has an array of successful criminal prosecutions that have resulted in significant custodial sentences.  

In his previous role in the Flying Squad, Steffan conducted complex and protracted investigations utilising covert tactics to gather evidence against organised and violent criminal networks. This equips Steffan with an invaluable skillset that he can provide to clients in his current role with AnotherDay.  

Steffan has a wealth of experience having brought cases through the UK’s judicial system; this will assure clients professional advice and support is guaranteed during the course of any investigation. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for investigating, Steffan prides himself on making sure no stone is left unturned.

A proclivity for solving problems and helping others has always been at the forefront of Steffan’s motivation, and AnotherDay provides him the platform to achieve both. With an everchanging landscape that threatens clients and businesses alike, Steffan is adaptable and revels in finding solutions to combat such threats.

With a friendly approach Steffan focuses on the needs of the client and is always determined to achieve the desired outcome.

Steffan Evans

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Steffan Evans