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Nicole studied Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol where she was awarded a ‘Deans Commendation’ for her academic achievements. Her studies included a range of modules, such as The Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in South Asia, Understanding Genocide and Political Corruption. During her academic period, Nicole studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa as part of her Undergraduate degree, where she was able to develop a deeper insight into African politics, corruption, and development, as well as global conflict and terrorism. Her dissertation focused on nation-building efforts in South Africa since the end of Apartheid, in which she achieved a distinction.

Nicole now coordinates the operations for AnotherDay, overseeing all processes across all teams, helping to ensure projects run smoothly, according to their deadlines and that all workloads are well managed. Her significant academic background coupled with her passion for the nature of our work enables an extra layer of proficiency across important projects. Nicole leads with the development of new methodologies and approaches, facilitating the team at AnotherDay to maximise potential and expand capabilities across the company.

Nicole Snyman

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Nicole Snyman