Neely Lally

Consultant, Corporate Governance

With her legal background and wide range of clientele, Harneel “Neely” Lally understands the complex landscapes of risk – financial, legal, and political.

Neely’s skills and expertise allow her to look “under the hood” of corporations and their policies. Aligning with her experience, Neely has a diverse range of legal and business skills that pair with her interests in corporate governance, strategic business planning, risk mitigation, and human rights.

About Neely

Outside of her role at AnotherDay, Neely is a qualified US attorney.* She holds a diverse range of experiences with various clients and industries, including tech, oil & energy, life sciences, education, public entities, and non-profits both in-house and at international law firms.  Prior to embarking on her legal career, Neely held a variety of roles in business and operations, including corporate proxy research, executive compensation, and policy analysis. Neely’s experience as an attorney includes policy drafting, employment advisement, dispute resolution, data protection, intellectual property, commercial contracts, and corporate governance issues.

Neely is a law graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Law as well as SOAS, University of London. She also holds an MBA and is an alumni of the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s in Economics and International Politics. Neely is published in three law journals, received a research award in business strategy, and attained Pro Bono Honours at UC Berkeley Law.  

At the heart of Neely’s intellectual endeavours and pragmatism lies her relentless problem-solving skills. She excels in finding effective solutions to complex and convoluted problems. Neely is particularly interested in understanding issues pertaining to the wider frame of corporate responsibility beyond the “#ESG” lens and how it truly impacts interested stakeholders – not just the corporation but also the intended beneficiaries.

*Please note that any communications to and from Neely does not establish an attorney-client relationship or associated legal privileges. In her role at Another Day, Neely does not provide legal advice.

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