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Litigation support

Our team regularly work on an extremely broad range of cases, to support civil and other litigation.

Complex litigation requires a tailored approach

Complex litigation often involves high stakes and significant financial and reputational risks, making it critical to ensure that the investigation is conducted thoroughly and accurately. Our team strive to work closely with our clients; claimants, legal teams and counsel.

Bespoke investigation solutions

No one case is ever the same which is why our team provide investigation solutions; designed to address the specific needs and challenges of a particular case. These solutions often involve a combination of technology and human expertise, including specialist data analysis tools, advanced forensic techniques, and experienced investigators who can identify key information and connect the dots between disparate pieces of evidence.

Our investigation solutions can provide greater assurance that all relevant information is uncovered, analysed, and presented effectively, helping to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Our Approach

We provide a bespoke and professional approach to every investigation. With advanced techniques and a commitment to confidentiality, we offer high-quality investigative services.


Our investigation team use their experience in all areas of investigation, from criminal and civil investigations, deep due diligence and asset tracing, to cryptocurrency tracing and covert surveillance.

Intelligence and evidence gathering

Our team will efficiently collect relevant information and data to support legal proceedings due to the wide range of datasets available to us across different jurisdictions.


A delay in investigation can result in the loss of assets, crucial evidence or the erosion of witness memory, which can weaken the case. It can also prolong disputes, leading to further costs and delays.

The Investigations team

Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and jurisdictions, allowing us to provide comprehensive and specialised services tailored to the unique needs of each client.

We utilise cutting-edge technology and investigative techniques to uncover hidden facts and evidence, and we have a deep understanding of the legal and ethical standards that must be met in conducting investigations.

Working closely with our clients, specialist lawyers and counsel, our focus is on achieving a successful and positive resolution – whether this be litigation, criminal prosecutions, internal compliance, or through a crisis communications strategy.

Areas for support

Some of the key areas of our work in assisting with legal proceedings are outlined below.

Civil litigation support

A large part of our work involves supporting civil proceedings. This is very broad, and can consist of financial and document review, asset tracing, locating key witnesses and defendants, proving jurisdiction, interviewing third party witnesses, and cryptocurrency tracking and tracing.

Our team are often an extension of the client and litigation team, and can conduct additional analysis, research and on-the-ground enquiries to give the best chance of success.

Asset tracing

Our investigations team can conduct asset tracing by utilising a range of specialist investigation techniques and technologies to identify and locate assets that may have been hidden or concealed.

Our team conducts analysis on credit and consented databases, corporate record aggregators, mainstream and local media, social media analytics, and obtain local filings from overseas registers. Where required, we can conduct discreet and covert enquiries to identify further assets that may be hidden.

Matrimonial disputes

Our team work regularly with family law firms, who are advising their clients on a wide range of issues. We have been instructed in divorce proceedings, to locate assets, either physical or cryptocurrency, that were not disclosed during divorce proceedings. We can also support by providing physical and digital security review to prevent ongoing threats and harassment.


Defamation and personal attacks – in many cases, litigation can be extremely personal, including online attacks, trolling and abuse, and even stalking, harassments and physical threats and violence.

Our investigations team can help with defamation issues by conducting thorough investigations to identify the source of defamatory statements and gather evidence to support legal action.

We can assist by conducting detailed digital investigations, which involve analysing online and social media activity to identify the source of defamatory statements and any associated activity that may support a claim of defamation.

Fraud response

In cases of fraud, time is of the essence, as every moment that passes can provide opportunities for the fraudster to move or conceal the stolen funds. Rapid identification and investigation of fraudulent activity can help to limit the scope of the fraud, prevent further losses, and increase the chances of recovering stolen assets - we work alongside specialist lawyers and can rapidly obtain court orders to freeze and recover stolen funds.

Locating people and witnesses

Identifying and locating potential suspects and witnesses can provide critical information that can be used to build a case. Witnesses can provide evidence that supports or contradicts claims or allegations being made, while suspects can provide information about their involvement.

Using our specialist investigations skills, datasets and network of sources our team has extensive experience in locating individuals, in many jurisdictions.

Cryptocurrency tracing

Our team regularly support clients who are victims of large cryptocurrency scams, frauds, and victims of other cyber attacks.

When responding to a cryptocurrency theft, or fraud, speed is often of the essence. In comparison to many conventional frauds, where funds are transferred through bank accounts, the nature of cryptocurrency allows fraudsters to move illicit cryptocurrencies instantly, anonymously, and through multiple jurisdictions.

Our team conduct extensive investigation, and use blockchain analytical tools to trace digital assets, and work closely with legal teams across the world to try and recover financial losses.

Other matters

Our team of skilled investigators has the expertise to handle investigations related to criminal litigation, commercial litigation, civil litigation, matrimonial cases, and more.

Our services include conducting interviews, background checks, asset searches, surveillance, attending court as expert witnesses and more. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and provide them with a comprehensive and professional investigative report. With our attention to detail, discretion, and commitment to delivering results, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success in their litigation matters.

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