Litigation Support

Our team supports a wide variety of litigation, whether this is gathering evidence to support court cases, identifying tangible assets to freeze to recover stolen funds, locating witnesses, or analysing complex data – all ready for use in court.


Our team works closely with law firms around the world, assisting in evidence gathering to support a huge variety of litigation. This includes criminal prosecutions, civil fraud, family law, cryptocurrency tracing and recovery, defamation, asset tracing, and a host of other investigation and advisory work.

How We Can Help You

Working side-by-side with specialist law firms, we support ongoing litigation across multiple jurisdictions, helping you respond to a crisis or, if possible, prevent it altogether.

Clear intelligence and evidence, delivered at the right time and in the appropriate format, can be the difference between success and failure for many of our clients. Which is why we utilise our full array of intelligence gathering and investigation capabilities to establish the context of the case, identify global assets — including those that are hidden — and document malfeasance to support court applications and potential ongoing cases.

Brokers, underwriters, and reinsurers can also rely on us to utilise these same resources for risk engineering and loss adjustment within the corporate world.

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