About Raphaelle

Raphaelle sits within the Investigations Team and has previous experience in the police where she worked on a number of investigations, including, but not limited to: fraud, assaults, burglaries and thefts. She is also a former analyst at Control Risks where she provided written risk assessments on individuals or entities who were believed to pose a high risk of violence or disruption to a major Big Tech client. Raphaelle holds an MA in Terrorism and Security from King’s College London where she focused her studies primarily on the radicalisation of individuals and obtained a distinction in her dissertation detailing how terrorist groups, primarily ISIS and al-Qaeda, use the internet to attract recruits to their cause.

At AnotherDay, Raphaelle works on a number of intelligence and security consulting projects and takes criminal and civil investigations from start to finish using actionable intelligence. Her previous role has allowed her to become most adept at using a variety of OSINT methods to identify individuals or groups potentially trying to mask their identity online. As a former police officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, she has experience speaking with victims and witnesses of crime, handling sensitive material and making important decisions based on the information at hand.

As part of the Investigations team, she will continue to develop other skills, particularly those related to the growing market of cryptocurrency investigations.


Raphaelle Gans