Strategic planning

Global intelligence sourcing

Our specialist intelligence gathering and strategy development consultants identify, quantify, and advise on the dangers of operating in any environment.

We focus on assessing ‘malicious intent’ threats. From terrorism and war, to corruption, civil unrest, and crime, we use extensive data sets — sourced from trusted partners located across the globe — to help you understand the potential dangers of entering a new market or expanding into an existing one.

Long-term contingency strategies

The threat assessments we develop are used to form robust 5-7 year strategies. These cover a broad range of situations, including security, resilience, and risk. And to inform market entry assessments. We also work closely with insurers and reinsurers to examine new and established risks.

Threat Assessment

Crisis management

Dealing with organisational crises on a regular basis makes us exceptional at planning for one. We work with risk managers, general counsel, Chief Operating Officers, and other senior leadership to prepare effective, firm-wide crisis management plans.

Research and experience have taught us that organisations that take a proactive, transparent, and coordinated stance to crisis have a much better chance of increasing their value in the eyes of stakeholders and shareholders.

We help you unlock that value through effective crisis management planning. This involves understanding what the organisation does, what it needs to protect, and the types of crises that are likely to affect it. For the most complex projects, we engage outside specialists, such as crisis PR and media training consultants, to create large, multidisciplinary teams.

Crisis Management

Security strategy and risk assessment

The global clients we work with have a lot to think about. They are responsible for the well-being of tens of thousands of individuals and critical infrastructure on which entire nations are dependent.

This is where we come in. Our job is to advise and support them to protect their operations and people — wherever they are located. We do this by creating reliable security strategies, including terrorism prevention and large-scale war zone evacuations, based on sound assessment of extant risks at the organisational, regional, and national level.

Our systems link closely to PR, Digital, Information Security, Facilities, and Travel to enable our clients to take effective control of their safety. Supported by our very own Cascade platform that simplifies the maintenance and implementation of security strategies, reviewing them in real-time as the world changes. 

Security Strategy

Contingency, continuity, and pandemic

Many of the projects we deliver cover worst case scenarios: regional nuclear conflict, terrorist attacks, unseen pandemic. Others deal with more routine threats and hazards, such as crime, system failure, or weather. In either case we strive to reassure our clients that, if the worst should happen, there is a robust plan in place to deal with it.

The contingency and continuity plans we create sit within an enterprise risk management framework or, alternatively, below a crisis management plan. In cases of pandemic, we utilise highly specialist tools, including STEM modelling, to create even more detailed plans.

Analysis of new sources of big data – whether that’s social media or World Health Organisation reports – enables us to accurately stress test and simulate the effectiveness of our plans.

Contingency Planning

Effective and actionable crisis strategies, tailored to your needs

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