Threat assessment

We utilise our specialist intelligence gathering and strategy development consultants to identify, quantify and advise on the dangers of operating in unfamiliar, and familiar, environments. 

We particularly focus on assessing ‘malicious intent’ threats, including terrorism, war, corruption, civil unrest and crime, and we use extensive data sets that we source from partners around the world to help our clients understand the dangers they might face working in a new market or expanding in an existing one. 

Our threat assessments tend to get used to prepare 5-7 year strategies covering security, resilience and risk, or to inform market entry assessments – we also work closely with insurers and reinsurers to look into a new risk or a risk which has already been placed.

Threat Assessment

Crisis planning

Dealing with organisational crisis on a regular basis makes us exceptional at planning for one, preferably before it happens. We work with risk managers, general counsel, Chief Operating Officers and other senior leadership to prepare firm-wide crisis management plans. 

Research and experience have taught us that an organisation that responds proactively, transparently and in a coordinated and organised way to a crisis has a much higher chance of increasing the value of the firm in the eyes of stakeholders and shareholders. We work with clients to unlock that value through proper planning. 

This crisis management planning involves understanding what the organisation does, what it needs to protect, and the types of crisis likely to affect it: we also engage outside specialists, such as crisis PR and media training consultants, to create multidisciplinary teams for these complex client projects.

Crisis Management

Security strategy and risk assessment

The global clients that we work with have significant responsibility for protecting their people, in many cases numbering over 150,000 operating in hundreds of countries around the world – and often they are also responsible for critical infrastructure on which whole nations rely. We advise them on how they can protect their operations and people. 

We do this by creating security strategies based on sound assessment of their risks – at the organisational, regional and country levels. We create systems that link closely to PR, Digital, Information Security, Facilities and Travel to enable our clients take effective control of their own protection. 

We also use our very own Cascade platform to make maintenance and implementation of a security strategy much easier than other, more traditional methods, and provide continuous support to review the strategy we’ve developed as the world changes. 

Security Strategy

Contingency, continuity and pandemic

Many of the projects that we deliver focus on a worst case scenario: a regional nuclear conflict, a terrorist attack, or a previously unseen pandemic. Some focus on more routine threats and hazards, such as crime, systems failure or weather. In both cases we provide our clients, and their leadership, with confidence that if everything goes wrong – there is a plan, and the firm will survive. 

We create contingency and continuity plans that sit within an enterprise risk management framework, or below a crisis management plan: we also utilise highly specialist tools, such as simulation and modelling in STEM, to create more detailed specialist plans for pandemic.

Analysis of new sources of big data – whether it’s social media posts or World Health Organisation reporting – has meant we can also stress test and simulate the effectiveness of the plans that we create better than we’ve ever been able to before.

Contingency Planning

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