Crisis response and advisory

Whether we’ve worked with the client before or not, we respond to and advise on serious crises and incidents to protect organisations from existential damage to their people, operations or reputation. 

We’ve advised on everything from terrorist attacks, to political upheaval, to smear campaigns by state-sponsored actors: we work at the strategic level with the crisis management team to provide a structure to their response, as well as at the tactical level alongside Emergency or Incident Management Teams to make sense of what has happened. We also work with firms to respond to serious organised crime by tasking specialist resources, including covert capability and law enforcement liaison, to generate a police response.

This advisory also makes use of our extensive intelligence and investigation capabilities, as well as our close partnerships with law firms, insurers and medical providers.

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Private prosecution

Our specialist investigations teams are drawn from former law enforcement specialist officers – particularly those with experience of fraud and organised crime. In the UK, we are able to work closely with law firms and counsel to bring private criminal prosecutions.

These are criminal cases brought privately against individuals, usually without the involvement of the police or Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which adhere to UK legislation and the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act (CPIA) guidelines – the gold standard which all UK law enforcement agencies work to. Private prosecutions can lead to prison sentences, criminal records, extraditions, or asset recoveries under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

A robust response conducted quickly and efficiently will provide the best chance of catching those responsible. We utilise all of the tools at our disposal, coupled with robust disclosure management, to bring successful prosecutions.

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Investigations don’t always need to result in prosecutions: we also carry out detailed, comprehensive investigations all over the world to help senior leaders make the right decision. 

These investigations tend to focus on internal malfeasance (such as fraud or corruption), complex threats such as terrorism or organised crime in frontier markets, or cyber breaches which can be traced back to a real-world organisation or individual. 

The priority of these investigations is to come to a robust conclusion, supported by appropriate intelligence and evidence, which supports an individual or set of decisions: we also ensure all of the work that we do can subsequently be used in a legal process, if required, further down the line.

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Litigation support

We deliver projects with law firms to support ongoing litigation, particularly across multiple jurisdictions, either to prevent crisis or to respond to it. 

We use our intelligence gathering and investigation capabilities to establish the context of a case, identify global assets, including those that are hidden, or to document malfeasance to support court applications and ongoing cases. Clear intelligence or evidence, delivered in an appropriate format and at the right time, can be the difference between success and failure for many of our private and law firm clients. 

We also provide this support to brokers, underwriters and reinsurers to carry out risk engineering and loss adjustment.

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