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UK Crime in Focus: European Distribution Fraud
 Marlon Pinto

Marlon Pinto

UK Crime in Focus: European Distribution Fraud

Whether it is using emerging technologies to steal thousands of pounds from a secure account or exploiting a nationwide crisis to prey on the vulnerable, criminals are always seeking new ways to take advantage of law-abiding citizens.

We understand how difficult it can be to protect yourself against these ever-evolving threats. Which is why we created UK Crime in Focus.

A series of succinct reports written by our experienced investigations team, each issue explores a new tactic or emerging trend from the world of organised crime. You will discover:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • The impact on victims
  • How to protect yourself

This gives you the practical advice you need to stay one step ahead of criminals.

Issue one focuses on European Distribution Fraud (EDF) – cases of which have spiked since lockdown began in March.

From terrorism to organised crime, we protect organisations and high net worth  individuals against today’s biggest threats. Get in touch to learn more.

European Distribution Fraud in the UK

European Distribution Fraud is usually perpetrated by sophisticated organised crime networks operating on a global scale.

The way it works is deceptively simple. Posing as a reputable retailer, the perpetrator contacts the victim in this case a manufacturer using a fake email address, and places an order for a large quantity of goods. Payment is made on credit or via a seemingly legitimate bank transfer.

As soon as the goods are in transit, the perpetrator contacts the delivery driver informing them of a last-minute change of destination. The goods are delivered to this new address, unloaded by an accomplice, and shipped overseas for resale. When the manufacturer checks to see if the transaction has gone through, they discover the payment was never made in the first place.

Once goods have left the UK, they are quickly dispersed. This makes it almost impossible for law enforcement to recover the full value of the stolen merchandise. As a result, the financial impact of European Distribution Fraud is often severe. It can leave victims hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket. In some cases, the resulting loss may even force them to shut down altogether.

How to protect your business

Prevention is the best defence against any scam. So, in the second half of our report, we highlight the practical steps you can take to protect your business. This includes conducting independent research into retailers and raising awareness of EDF among your delivery drivers.

Do not miss out on the insights contained in our latest report. Download your free copy of UK Crime in Focus issue one today.

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