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Tim Townsend, Chief Financial Officer

Tim Townsend is a highly experienced commercial and financial leader with a focus on security and risk management consulting. Tim has managed financial operations and planning of a multi-million pound turnover business, operating in multiple jurisdictions across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and has managed commercial and technical bids for contracts ranging in value up to £400m, for clients including major supranational organisations, governments, some of the world’s largest technology firms and major extractives companies.

Key achievements have been the coordination of significant internal restructures in his previous firms, driving cost efficiencies and formulating innovative pricing strategies to maintain and improve profitability in an increasingly challenging business environment. This has proven to be a great success and Tim hopes to bring a similar rigorous approach to driving profitability and competitive pricing in AnotherDay. Tim has a Masters degree in Management from the University of Aberdeen, is certified by the Association of Project Management Professionals (APMP) and is currently studying with the Certified Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA).

Tim brings his commercial and financial leadership knowledge to AnotherDay to enable us to carry out transformational consulting and services globally at competitive rates, and to create and deliver relevant and quality tenders to our clients when this is required.

Jake Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer

Jake Hernandez is an internationally recognised political and security risk and crisis management consultant, having worked in some of the world’s most difficult jurisdictions – including Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria and Ukraine – and previously leading complex corporate resilience, crisis management and market entry advisory projects at consulting firm Control Risks.

Following a year of full time Arabic and Arab culture tuition in Yemen, Jake was accepted into the renowned Department of War Studies at King’s College, London to study international conflict and political upheaval in the Middle East and South Asia; this included an invitation to the University of Karachi as a counterterrorism guest lecturer.

Jake has supported some of the world’s largest corporations and organisations – from the largest oil and gas company on the planet, to complex critical national infrastructure projects of strategic significance, to some of the world’s most exclusive hotel chains – in some of the world’s most difficult environments and through some of their most difficult security and resilience challenges. Jake was one of the youngest senior consultants ever in a major political and security risk consulting firm and was also a non-executive director in geospatial technology start-up, Gryd. Jake is also a keen Arabist.

Jake is a founder and brings his proven global consulting experience to governments, corporations and NGOs, and his drive to use technology to unlock the benefits of organizational resilience and achieve our client’s objectives, to AnotherDay.

Laura Hawkes, Consultant, Intelligence

Laura Hawkes is a threat advisory and consulting associate with global experience, particularly in the Middle East and East Asia, who helps our clients understand how the external security environment could affect their business, and facilitates major strategic intelligence analysis and security programmes.

Laura was previously a research associate at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) and the Quilliam Foundation in London carrying out projects analysing the methods and motivations of foreign fighters, with a particular focus on Iraq and Syria, in support of government & other public sector initiatives using open source and social media intelligence. Laura was also an analyst for a multinational consulting firm with a focus on Libya and has conducted extensive academic and consulting analysis of the oil and gas industry in North Africa. Laura has an MA in Terrorism & Security from the department of War Studies at King’s College London.

As well as being a keen Arabist, Laura has wide ranging east Asia experience following academic stints at both East China Normal University in Shanghai and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou studying Chinese Marketing and Mandarin.

Simon Davison, Director, Investigations

Simon Davison is a former senior detective from the elite Flying Squad in the Metropolitan Police in London. He regularly conducted high profile and complex investigations into organised and violent criminal networks, and ran covert operations targeting armed suspects who were planning audacious and high risk offences in London and the UK.

Simon was lead detective into ‘Smash and Grab’ armed robbery offences in London, arresting numerous suspects in the commission of daring and violent robberies. Through diligent investigation and use of covert techniques he arrested and convicted over 100 individuals for this type of crime. He has also taken the lead on vast amounts of telecommunications offences, convicting a large and violent criminal network who were targeting premises across the UK.

Simon is an expert at investigation, a trained detective to the highest level, which enables him to provide the highest quality advisory to our individual and corporate clients when dealing with complex problems at the strategic level. He is also a surveillance specialist, and works closely with prosecution counsel to ensure the successful conviction of those responsible for any criminal acts.

Simon regularly works with victims of crime, lawyers and trial counsel in bringing private criminal prosecutions. Simon has extensive experience of bringing successful private prosecutions, he is on the General Committee of the Private Prosecutors' Association, and talks and writes regularly on the subject. 

Simon brings his leadership, expertise, knowledge of complex investigation solutions and prosecution of organised criminal groups, plus his visionary approach to crime prevention and detection, to AnotherDay.

Marlon Pinto, Director, Investigations

Marlon Pinto is a former detective from the Flying Squad, an elite police unit from New Scotland Yard in London. Marlon has extensive experience working on complex due diligence tasks in the Middle East, including using open source analytics to carry out stakeholder mapping, handling sources in sensitive jurisdictions, and carrying out judicial investigations into serious crime.

Marlon is also an expert in covert surveillance, having been trained to the highest level in the UK, and regularly provided advice and practical expertise to policing and counter terrorism operations and training across the country. Marlon has recently also conducted numerous covert surveillance deployments in support of criminal investigations and civil litigations, gathering overwhelming evidence in the process.

Marlon regularly uses this expertise in criminal investigations, and he brings a wealth of knowledge in covert investigative methodology and also the gathering, handling and dissemination of highly sensitive information and intelligence. 

Niki Whitley, Consultant, Crisis & Security Strategy

Niki Whitley is an experienced security risk and crisis management consultant, having supported a range of corporate, private, and NGO clients globally. Niki specialises in market entry and security risk management advisory projects including threat and security risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and security audits with a focus on the mining and oil and gas sectors, helping clients to develop and refine their resilience and crisis response procedures. She also has significant experience in delivering multi-stakeholder workshops, building out emergency scenarios from real world events and using these to test the capacity of crisis management teams to manage complex sequences of events in low certainty situations.

Niki was formerly a consultant at S-RM’s Crisis Management practice, and previously served with the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) as both a Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Analyst. She was lead analyst on a number of high-profile investigations, developing expertise in analysing communications and open source data to identify criminal associates and patterns of behaviour, and delivered a range of local and national threat assessments and briefings for top-level decision-makers and external partners including government during live terrorist incidents within and outside the UK.

Niki holds an MSc with Distinction in Investigative and Forensic Psychology from the University of Liverpool and a BA (Hons) in Psychology with Law from the University of Exeter.

She brings extensive project leadership and experience across both consulting and investigations to AnotherDay.

James Glancy, Director

James Glancy CGC is an accomplished leader, business founder and former military officer. James served a ten year career in the Royal Marines, which included numerous operational deployments around the world.  A former student of history at the University of Oxford, James was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by Queen Elizabeth II in 2014 for his work on operations overseas.

James co-founded SFD Global, a precursor to AnotherDay, a highly successful military and risk management training company with a focus on the Arabian Gulf, gaining contracts to build capacity for the government’s of Oman and Qatari internal security forces. James also regularly conducts after dinner talks regarding his military service and civilian career, and has featured in a number of books, documentaries and news appearances in the international media.

James is a founder and brings his leadership, subject matter knowledge of specialist security forces training and capacity development and his flair for developing consulting solutions to governments to AnotherDay.

Ed Argles MBE, Director, Middle East

Ed Argles MBE joined the Royal Marines in 2004, on completion of his secondary education, and served for 8 years as an officer with distinction in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen leading troops on combat and intelligence operations. For his service in Iraq in 2007 he was made a MBE.

Leaving the Royal Marines in 2012, Edward founded Set For Success with James Glancy (a fellow Royal Marine Officer). The company provided leadership and key skill development training to under privileged young adults in Inner City London, funded by two local council initiatives.

At the same time Edward and James Glancy formed SFD Global, a precursor to AnotherDay, to provide Military and Law Enforcement training to government organisations around the world. In May 2012 this company was awarded a 3 year contract to train the Royal Oman Police in tactical and operational policing elements. The company has since developed a similar relationship with the Qatar Ministry of Interior. Edward lives in Oman and travels around the Arabian Gulf monthly.

Ed is a founder and brings his intimate knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and business environments, particularly carrying out successful market entry and delivering complex projects to national governments, to AnotherDay.